Thursday, December 31, 2015

Adopt a Soldier

It's the end of the year and I find myself wondering what contributions I want to make for the New Year. Several years ago I received a shocking letter from a man in the military.  He talked "being blown up" more than once, and he talked about it with the same tone as if he was talking about a trip to the grocery store.

I'm against war and violence, but yet, I see these men and women as heroes- not because they are fighting a war, but because they keep others from being forced to fight.  I truly believe if it was not for the many men and women who voluntarily join the military, the draft would come back.  I'm so happy that no one in America is forced to fight against their will.

Yet, so many of our men and women get hurt- physically and emotionally.  Some lose their homes.  Some lose their personalities.  Some lose their personal connection with the world.  I think it's really important to support these people who have courage beyond belief.

Adopt a Soldier programs allow civilians to provide friendly support to people in the military through letters and care packages on an ongoing basis.  Adopt a US Soldier and Soldier's Angels adoption program both allow civilians  to provide emotional support to soldiers who are overseas and far away from home.  Soldier's Angels also has many other programs that allow civilians to emotionally support a variety of people:  veterans who have come back to the US but are injured, the families of soldiers, and caregivers of men and women who were injured in a war.

Welcome and Thanks

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the blog!  As each day is a chance to renew oneself, so is the beginning of a new blog.  First of all, I would like to thank all of the people who visited the old blog.  I was using stats from a few different companies.  All of the companies except one pretty much said the same thing.  According to one particular company, thousands of people from all over the world were coming to blog.  I was so happy, but confused that the other stat companies did not report that.  When I found out thousands of people turned out to be bots, I was very disappointed that I forgot about the actual people who actually did come to the blog, and they too were from different parts of the world.

So thanks to all who came to the old blog, and I welcome everyone to the new blog!!  This blog is different from the old one.  Some of the information pages (non-blog entry pages) have been taken out and several of them have been transferred to my new website.  Entries will be shorter, and in addition to be educationally driven like the last one, I will let my emotions come into play sometimes.  My blogs are always written from the heart, and I plan to show a little more of that this time around.


Sharon Lee Hudson